It all began with Apple and her EarPod, then Samsung followed with her Galaxy Buds, all of which were price between $150, and crossing $200 mark. Today, we have many OEMs making wireless earbuds for all level and class of users. But as it is the case with every market, the decision on which to buy becomes difficult when different product with almost same function are available for purchase.

OneOdio is a Chinese Audio equipment maker headquartered in Hong Kong. We’ve talked about their Fusion A70 and the OneOdio A30 ANC headphones in some previous review articles. But for comfortability sake, today we are looking at an ANC wireless earbud from the company’s sub-brands, SuperEQ, called Q2 Pro.

SuperEQ Q2 Pro review and unboxing; affordable TWS earbuds with ANC | DroidAfrica

I’ve been using the Q2 Pro touching two weeks, and with the level of satisfaction I got from the A30 and Fusion A70, my expectations on the Q2 Pro was a little high, seeing they are a sub of OneOdio. And thankfully, I was not let down, at least, not in every aspect.

SuperEQ Q2 Pro key specification

  • Bluetooth Version: V5.2
  • Noise reduction: Hybrid noise reduction (FF+FB)
  • Speaker size: 12mm Earphones
  • Battery: 55mAh; Charging case battery: 370mAh
  • Playing time: 7.5Hrs(50% volume) (ANC ON)
  • Charging time: 30m – 1hr
  • Charger Type: USB-C
  • Color: Black


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