TECNO Mobile is got something new in the works. A concept smartphone they call it, one that will be both foldable and rollable, but unique and slightly different from the likes of Samsung Galaxy Fold4 and the Mix Fold2, just to mention a few.

You know how the Galaxy Fold4 unfolds from a 6.2-inches smartphone into a larger 7.6-inches mid-size tablet? That is what Tecno Mobile is working on, but with a pleasant surprising tweak.

TECNO is working on something new, and interesting too! | DroidAfrica

So instead of unfolding from a traditional screen into a sub-tablet screen, Tecno added an extra slide-able or rollable section to the fold, scaling the display to a full fledges 10.1-inch tablet. Tecno calls it the Phantom Vision V, and it is currently being developed as a concept device.

The rear of the concept device will look like the recently released Phantom X2, but not entirely. Unlike the X2, the Phantom Vision V will still mount a tiny watch-sized screen on the rear. It is not entirely clear if this will be a secondary screen or a tertiary one. But we believed it should not handle much more than notification servicing.

TECNO is working on something new, and interesting too! | DroidAfrica

Tecno said the Phantom Vision V will be built into an aerospace titanium-grade frame for the sake of durability. The screen is also said to have up to 11 functional layers. While it is not entirely clear what these layers are made up of, it might be the technology behind both the folding and rolling capabilities.

It is not entirely clear whether this device will make it to the commercial market or not; we don’t even know if a prototype of it will leave Transion’s factory in China. But one thing that is very clear though is that Tecno is sending out a message: We are not the usual midrange smartphone marker that everybody thinks of anymore!



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