Tecno, a leading smartphone brand in Africa, has announced the launch of its new Dynamic Port feature on the latest generation Camon 20 smartphone series.

The Dynamic Port is a self-developed, self-designed function that envelopes the front screen camera cut-out to create a convenient display bar that delivers key information in an intuitive manner.

Tecno Launches Dynamic Port Feature on Camon 20 Series; to be Available From September | DroidAfrica

The Dynamic Port can be used to display a wider variety of information than Apple’s Dynamic Island, which is a similar feature that was first introduced on the iPhone 14 Pro.

For example, the Dynamic Port can be used to display call status, charging status, facial recognition status, media playback information, and more.

The information displayed can also be customized to display the information that is most important to the user.

Tecno believes that the Dynamic Port is a more versatile, customizable, and offers more feature than Apple’s Dynamic Island. The company is also planning to add more features to the Dynamic Port in the future.

The Dynamic Port will be available on the Camon 20 series starting in September. The Camon 20 series is a mid-range smartphone series that offers a variety of features, including a high-resolution display, that are available in varying options to chose from. We keep you posted regarding further development on Tecno’s Dynamic Port.


    • Hi Hasnain… The Camon 20 series referred to in the article actually includes all models in the series, including your Camon 20 Pro 4G model.


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