UMIDIGI introduced the G1&C1 in June as the company’s new entry-level smartphone series. As the 11.11 shopping festival approaches, UMIDIGI is set to releases the latest version of this series – the G1 Max and C1 Max. In the released renderings, it is apparent that the new product follows the G1 & C1 family design, which includes waterdrop screen, dual camera lenses, and matte back finish. However, the specifications have been significantly updated from the previous version.

Based on the leaked specs, UMIDIGI G1 Max & C1 Max are both expected to come with Unisoc T610 CPU, a 6.52″ HD+ IPS LCD display, and a 5,150mAh battery that will be charged at up to 10W with the USB-C port. New series will also boot stock Android 12 out of the box.

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The UMIDIGI G1 Max & C1 Max will have 6GB RAM and 128GB of storage onboard. A microSD card slot is also available for expanding storage. Don’t worry about lag when using the phone daily. Despite being a dual camera, the main camera has been upgraded to 50MP, and the front camera has been upgraded to 8MP.

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There is also a side-mounted fingerprint reader in the new UMIDIGI G1 Max & C1 Max update. In color selection, there are only two options; the G1 Max will comes in Starry Black and Galaxy Blue, while the C1 Max will be painted in Starry Black and Matte Silver colors.

It is estimated that the initial price of this new machine will not exceed $100, based on the leaker’s information. Will it be the best budget smartphone under $100 in 2022? Keep an eye on UMIDIGI’s official website and AliExpress’s official store for more information.


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