In 2022, UMIDIGI launched the G1 series and achieved good sales. At the end of last year, a new product G2 series was released, and it is reported that it will be available in the first quarter of 2023. We recently learned that UMIDIGI will launch the G3 series of smartphones in 2023, and it will include a total of six (6) smartphones and two (2) tablets.

UMIDIGI's G3 series will include six smartphones and two tablets new series of umidigi g3 2023 9098065

The picture shows the G3 family of products, including the G3 Smartphone, G3 Rugged Phone, G3 Tablet, and G3 Headset. New designs and new colors distinguish the G3 family from its predecessors.

More information about the G3 family was provided by reliable tippers. The G3 smartphone series includes G3, G3 Plus, and G3 Max. The G3 Rugged Smartphone series called G3 Mecha includes G3 Mecha, G3 Plus Mecha, and G3 Max Mecha.

These models have different configurations. Based on the renders, we can see that the G3 rugged phone looks very sleek and sophisticated, and UMIDIGI claims it will be the world’s thinnest and lightest rugged smartphone.

UMIDIGI's G3 series will include six smartphones and two tablets 2023 umidigi g3 series 2004981

Additionally, G3 Tab and G3 Max Tab, as well as G3 Buds, are part of the G3 family. The G3 tablet series is an entry-level tablet with an innovative design and reasonable price, suitable for online classes and watching TV shows.

If you want to buy a tablet in the new year, you can wait for the release of the G3 tablet series. G3 Buds are similar to UMIDIGI’s newly launched AbleBuds Free, so we expect a superior sound quality. For more information about the G3 family series, keep your eyes on the company’s official website, or it Facebook page.


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