Video story: all official promo and hands-on video of the Galaxy S21-series

Video story: all official promo and hands-on video of the Galaxy S21-series | DroidAfrica
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Samsung just wrapped up her 2021 Galaxy Unpack event, an event that saw the launch of the Galaxy S21-series among few other accessories. We have written a fairly detailed article on the specifications and features of the S21-series. But since a picture is said to worth a thousand words, I was wondering how many thousand words will be the worth of a video.

Anyways, here is a collection of all official promo videos of the new Galaxy S21-series. Samsung even went ahead to make few official unboxing videos of the S21-series, showing in details the design and built quality of same, and those videos are includes as well.

Like I mentioned in the other article, the major eyebrows of the unpack event is the higher end Galaxy S21 Ultra, so the company is making all their promo content right from the S21 Ultra. Although there were few videos still shared on the vanilla S21 and the S21 Plus, all attached below.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra get the major spotlight!

Then few video demos belonging to the S21 and S21 Plus was also shown

Now on camera

Here is a full 4M+ official video demoing the camera capability of the S21-sereis, but you would already expect, major attention is paired to the S21 ultra. Few moment of comparisons were pitched against the older S20, but the aspect that might interest you the most, is the fact that the S21-series support 4K filming across all it lenses which is a pretty improvement over the previous models.

Official unboxing videos

Here are the official unboxing videos and handson with the Galaxy S21-series


  • All image and videos belongs to their respective creators!
  • All S21-series pre-order starts today, January 14th and will be available from January 29th in several countries and continents, including Africa.


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