Xiaomi CC9 Pro certified by EEC with Snapdragon 730G

Xiaomi CC9 Pro launch

There was a lot of speculations on the web few days ago that Xiaomi will be launching another device with 108mp camera and it is said to be the Xiaomi CC9 Pro.

Now a new device with a model number M1910F4G was certified by EEC and a lot of people were saying that this is the Xiaomi CC9 Pro.

The actual Xiaomi CC9 comes in three series, the Xiaomi CC9, Xiaomi CC9e, and Xiaomi CC9 Meitu Custom Edition. We also got a report that Xiaomi CC9 has gotten a price cut and this normally occurs when there is an upcoming successor.

Xiaomi CC9 Pro

The Xiaomi CC9 Pro will be the second smartphone from Xiaomi to spot a whopping 108mp camera, the Mi Mix Alpha was the first device to have this 108mp camera.

It will come with a Snapdragon 730G as some speculations have it, they also said that the launch is coming on 24th October.

Xiaomi CC9 Pro

But we don’t think this device will be launched in October 24th because Xiaomi just recently unveiled a smartphone with 108mp which is the Mi Mix Alpha, the Mi Mix Alpha cost $3,000 so, many people will not feel the 108MP sensor on the MIX Alpha. This means that the CC9 Pro may be the first truly mass-produced smartphone with a 108MP camera.

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