April Fool? Infinix to launch a smartphone that can fight 99.89% of germs

Infinix is working to introduce a new smartphone this April, and according to the company, the device can help you fight 99.89% of germs. We’ve seen Blockchain smartphones, rugged smartphones, even water, fire, ice and dust resistance smartphones, but a germ fighting smartphone is not a name we come across too frequently.

I hate to use the “Too Good To Be True” phrase, because, sometimes, when something is too good to be true, maybe it is not actually true. And not minding the fact that this is first of April, probably, it is Infinix’s own form of “April Fool” jokes? Well, it is good you have all the above at the back of you mind.

First, Infinix says it is launching a new smartphone this April, and the name is going to be call SMART XG. Probably, the XG meaning to X-terminate Germs, or something like X (for cancel) Germs, and the SMART part, referring to how intelligently the device will do it.

Then, the company went on to tell how her R&D teams has been working on different prototype after prototype for both nights and days, but showing off the prototype and design diagrams of the recent Zero 5G. Then, it went on to show off what we should expect, and it all turns out that the upcoming germ exterminator phone called Smart XG is a 2-years old Infinix S5, with unmodified design and color.

April Fool? Infinix to launch a smartphone that can fight 99.89% of germs Infinix Smart XG design
April Fool? Infinix to launch a smartphone that can fight 99.89% of germs | Image No. 1

Then, actual functionality of the device according to the video is fighting of germs. What kind of germs actually; COVID? Well, we don’t know. The introductory part of the video started off telling us that Germs and Bacteria are everywhere, mentioning homes, cars, offices, etc., and ending on how smartphones screens has more germs than the toilet seat (WOOOH!).

But what germ is the Infinix Smart XG fighting actually? Is it those in our cars, homes, offices, or the ones on the smartphone itself? Well, that we don’t know as well. But is the video teaser fake? Not really, at least it doesn’t look like it. It is actually uploaded to Infinix Indian official YouTube channel, as well as the company’s Indonesian official Twitter handle. In fact, the company rightly stated that the upcoming device can help you do away with 99.89% of germs on both social platforms mentioned above.

But still, does any of these mean we should expect a germ fighting smartphone from Infinix? Tentatively and excitedly Yes!. Such a device from Infinix could be a game changer both for the company and the industry at large. In the past, we’ve seen Copper Smartphone Case that has the ability to neutralize germs on smartphones. Also, you should be aware of Samsung UV Sterilizing wireless chargers, but having to incorporate such tech directly on a smartphone would be a breakthrough of it own kind.

Infinix said this upcoming smartphone will be introduced this April, but no mention of exactly when. Inasmuch as we would be happy and excited to see such a tech from the company, we shouldn’t be so fast to ignore the fact that today is April 1st, and most times, when something is too good to be true, maybe it is not true.

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