5G is one of the trending tech in the telecommunication industry currently. Countries, phones makers and telecom providers around the world are currently adopting this technology. While some OEMs are at the very forefront pushing the development of this technology, some are just considering giving it a trial. Talking about OEM considering 5G, Infinix Mobile is the latest of them, and according to current rumors, the company might introduce her first 5G smartphone in India sometime in June this year.

What even makes this rumors most interesting is the fact that Infinix is not planning on launching one 5G smartphone, but two. Infinix is a sub-brand of Transion Holdings, same company behind Tecno and iTel Mobile phones.

These guys have pitch their tent heavily on 3G/4G smartphones in the past, especially for the Infinix and Tecno counterpart. And based on what we’ve learned about Tecno and Infinix in recent time, a move or technological advancement in one equals to the advancement of the other. This means if Infinix is launching a 5G smartphone, a Tecno 5G phone should follow afterwards.

First Infinix 5G smartphone headed to India later in June this year | DroidAfrica

Either a smartphone is 5G enable or not is a major determinant of the SoC on the inside, and if Transion’s subsidiary will introduce a 5G enabled smartphone, there are a total of five (5) options to choose from; either a Kirin CPU from Huawei, or Exynos from Samsung, or Snapdragon from Qualcomm, UNISOC Tiger series from Spreadtrum or the popular Dimensity series from MediaTek. Given the past history of Infinix and Tecno, a Dimensity CPU might be the best route. The launch is still months away, and we hope to come across more news before then.


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