How to prolong the battery life of your Tecno, Infinix, and iTel smartphones

Worried on why your Tecno, Infinix or iTel’s phone battery life is getting weaker and weaker day after day, even when your device is still relatively new? Well, you are not alone. As a matter of fact, how to extend, or prolong phone’s battery life are questions I get almost on a daily basis.

Some persons will ask, why is my phone’s battery life not lasting? Why does the battery on my Tecno smartphone drain so fast? Why is the battery not lasting even though Infinix said the capacity is 5200mAh? These and many other similar questions are issues I come across almost every day, either via direct email, or through our comment sections, or even in face to face conversation with friends.

Thankfully, there is a solution. There are ways you can prolong your phones battery life, or the battery life of any device at all, including your iPhones, iPads and Personal Computers (PCs). This post will help you overcome battery draining issues on your smart devices.

Also, the fact that few phone brands are mentioned on here does not mean that battery draining issues are limited to the mentioned brands alone. In fact, how you use your devices has a lot more to do with how well the battery may last than the the OEM that makes it.

How to prolong the battery life of your Tecno, Infinix, and iTel smartphones how to get better battery performance from your tecno infinix and itel phones
How to prolong the battery life of your Tecno, Infinix, and iTel smartphones | Image No. 1

Common Misconceptions About Smartphone / Gadgets Battery Life

  1. Certain phone brands have better battery lifespan than the others. Some folks believes that companies like Samsung and Apple has better battery lifespan than the likes of Tecno, Infinix and others. Well, this might be true in certain areas, but not necessarily in prolonging your phones battery life. Wrongly maintained Apple or Samsung Galaxy phone could result to a worst battery experience than an iTel counterpart and vice versa.
  2. The bigger the battery capacity, the better. This might be true in a short-run, given that both phones are equally optimized OS and hardware wise. But without proper care for your smartphone battery, a 4000mAh battery can outperform 5000mAh unit.
  3. Lithium-ion batteries are better than Lithium-poly. It has been said that lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries are more efficient than lithium-polymer (Li-Po). But the opposite could equally be the case when proper steps are not taken.

Why your smartphone battery is getting weaker and weaker day after day?

1. Improper charging cycle

More tthan 60% battery draining issues people have with their smart gadgets, are as a result of this. Improper charging cycle is when you charge your phone almost anytime possible, not minding either the battery is at 40% or 99%. This is wrong, and will only reduce the performance of your phone’s battery within a shorter space of time.

Note the following:

  1. Your smartphone batteries are made up of cells. These cells recognizes when the battery level is at certain percentage and it also recognizes when it needs to be charged up.
  2. The battery on every average smartphone has a charging life cycle. That is, the number of times you can recharge the battery without degradation. The type of charge used also matters a lot. Back in 2021, we were told that a 200W charger reduce the battery power of a Xiaomi phone to 80% after 800 charge cycle.

2. Charging with Wrong Charger

I might take this point to number 1 in the future. Charging your phone with wrong charger is not only bad for the health of your phone’s battery, but also dangerous to your life and properties. In the past, we’ve heard of certain smartphones exploding while being recharged.

How to prolong the battery life of your Tecno, Infinix, and iTel smartphones Mi A2 0406893560068614 1
After a Xiaomi Mi A2 explosion

The buck reasons for this is pairing the phone with wrong chargers. This could damage the charger as well, for example, in cases where the phone is demanding more than the charger can offer.

Please STOP charging your phone via laptop USB ports, except for high speed ports like USB-C 3.1, or thunderbolt interface.

Also, please, I mean PLEASE! Don’t make the mistake of charging your phone with higher capacity charger. For example, your Infinix phone supports 33W charger, and you are charging the phone with a 120W charger, worst of it, a roadside fast chargers.

3. Using the phone while charging

This is another battery killing behavior of most smartphone users. Attaching your phone to a charger while using it at the same time will reduce your battery life span.

This behavior became even more common with the advent of Power Banks. The notion that birthed Power Bank is not so you can be lying on your bed, charging and using your phone at the same time. It is for backup, to avoid being stranded due to battery or power outage.

How to prolong the battery life of your Tecno, Infinix, and iTel smartphones xiaomi powerbank 4

4. Using cheap Charger or Power Banks

Cheap chargers, and cheap powerbanks can also ruin the battery strength of your device; OPPO, Xiaomi, Tecno inconsequential. Even if it is Samsung, pairing your phone with wrong charger or Power Bank can shorten it life span.

There are cheap Chargers that promises to charge all your two or three smartphones at the same time, but their labeled output can not power even a single smartphone, (that is if those labels and text are not fake). Such chargers will ruin your phone’s battery life.

5. Over Charging

Can you remember those days when removable batteries were common? Does the name “universal battery charger” make any sense? Have you even seen a swollen Nokia or Samsung battery before? Over charging is the root cause in most cases.

How to prolong the battery life of your Tecno, Infinix, and iTel smartphones Swallen Nokia Battery
Nokia Lumia Phone with Swollen battery | Image Source: Microsoft Community

Now, phones and other mobile devices have gotten smarter. Some fast charging technology are now designed to reduce the charging speed from certain percentage, or even technically discontinue charging when the battery level hits 100%. But even at that, do it yourself as much as possible, especially if your phone is not a recent model, or does not belong to the flagship or premium wings.

How to Prolong your iTel, Tecno, Infinix or any smartphone battery

The how’s are already contained in some of the points above, but as an overview, let run through them again. So do the following if you want your phone battery to last longer on a single charge, and remain strong even after many months or years use.

  1. Follow a proper charging cycle. The recommended charging cycle for phones or tablet batteries is “empty to full”, then “empty to full” and so on.
    • Usually, no one would really like to eat when almost filled (80%), or half filled (50%). Feeding is enjoyable when one is really hungry (0 – 15%). Does this example ring any bell? TREAT YOUR PHONE’S BATTERY IN LIKE MANNER!
    • Allow your phone’s battery to come down to 15% or below, before reaching out for your charger. Start doing this now to recalibrate your phone’s battery, if you subjected it to wrong charging cycle.
  2. Avoid using chargers that are not meant for your phone. Be on the lookout for recommended accessories for your device, especially chargers. Use ‘out the box’ charger as much as possible, and where yours is damaged, compare charging output before use.
  3. Don’t forget, charging time is not usage time. Don’t play games on your phone while charging it, you are just dragging life out of the entire phone, not just the battery. As much as possible, avoid charging your phone under extremely hurt temperatures.
  4. Avoid roadside chargers and cheap power banks. Most importantly, avoid untrusted charger with multiple USB ports.
  5. Don’t over charge your phone. Avoid overnight charging as much as possible, except if your phone is of the latest premium lineups.

Conclusions and wrap ups

One of the most important part of every smartphone, tablet or PC is the battery. Like I mentioned before, a well maintained 4000mAh battery can outperform a 5000mAh unit in a long run. So follow the instructions above, and you could start getting epic battery performance from your smartphone, be it Nokia, Tecno, Infinix, iTel or any other Android and iOS devices.

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