Infinix has gradually ventured into the manufacturing of smart home electronics like other top smartphone manufacturers. The company has numerous smartphones on its shelves and they are well known for the making of mid-range smartphones. Infinix successfully moving into the making smart Tv has Infinix smart Tv available for purchase on jumia. To facilitate an immersive user experience on this television, an Infinix Life App was made to deliver that experience to the users.

Infinix 43'' Inch Smart Android TV With Air Mouse Now Available On Jumia | DroidAfrica

One of the things that draw more attraction to the Infinix smart Tv is the elegant body design. The Infinix company shows off great craftsmanship through the frameless design. Infinix smart Tv frameless design alone adds more viewing space. However, you can easily connect this television to your Bluetooth speakers, earphones, game controllers, USB drivers, and on. The television has proven to be a multi-purpose smart Tv to suit whatever you want to do.

Quick Specifications Of The Infinix smart Tv:

  • Brand: Infinix
  • Display Size: 43 inches
  • Display Features: Full HD|UHD
  • Screen Refresh Rate: 50/60Hz

Main Features:

  • Design: Frameless Screen.
  • Supports Infinix Life App.
  • Other features:  Hotspot Screen Mirroring, Wi-Fi, hotspot, Bluetooth, etc.

With a 4K Ultra-HD display, you enjoy rich colors and a deep contrast level so you see everything on the screen vividly.

Infinix 43'' Inch Smart Android TV With Air Mouse Now Available On Jumia | DroidAfrica

As a smart tv, the Infinix 43” Inch Android TV has the ability to mirror your mobile device to your TV screen using your mobile hotspot without consuming mobile data. This feature alone has given this particular television a very good standard in the market today. Although it is normal for it to consume mobile data while viewing or streaming media online. The Air Mouse which will come with the Tv offers users the privilege to connect and use their smartphones as (pointer) remote control.  Furthermore, you can alternatively control Infinix Smart TV through the Infinix Life App offering a smooth and smarter user experience.

Ensures that you connect your smartphone to your Infinix Smart TV in other to enjoy effortless controls and other useful functions too.

Where To Buy:

The Infinix Smart TV is currently available for ₦ 128,480 on Jumia.

buy Infinix Smart TV for ₦ 128,480



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