In the past, it was rumoured that Samsung might stop producing its Galaxy Note series smartphones, but new reports have come up that this might not be true. But Samsung has recently released its S21 series in a lineup and it is clear that the Galaxy Note series will not be ending anytime soon. But it seems that there is a logical reason as to why Samsung wants to keep producing its Note series. 

Samsung might reintroduce the Galaxy Note Series in 2022 | DroidAfrica
Samsung Galaxy note 20

Twitter account at @FrontTron revealed in a tweet that the South Korean smartphone manufacturer will be bringing back its Note series into the market due to a low market response to the release of the new Galaxy S21 Ultra in the market.

The company had expected much more sales from the release of this new Galaxy S21 Ultra with S Pen. And so, because of this low response to the product, it is reported that Samsung is currently discussing reintroducing the Note series into the market again next year. 

Samsung Galaxy note 10

 The recently released Galaxy S21 Ultra failed terribly to meet the standards that the Note series had in terms of userbase. It is important to note that the Galaxy S21 Ultra does not have the basic feature of a port to house the S Pen neither does it have a Bluetooth support for the S Pen as well.

It is obvious that the Galaxy S21 Ultra does not meet the level of gesture based feature that the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra offers. With this new rumour, it is likely that Samsung will follow the same faulty design process for the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3 to be released soon. 


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