With the folding trend going on in 2019, a lot of brands has joined the crew such as Samsung and Motorola. Motorola recently launched their foldable device last week and earlier this year, Samsung launched their Galaxy Fold smartphone.

Now a fresh report revealed that Samsung has filed a patent to European Union Intellectual Property Office and the World Intellectual Office database. The patent revealed an image of a tablet with a foldable display.

It has a clamshell form of folding and it now folds vertically from the top to the button unlike the Galaxy Fold which folds horizontally from the left to the right. This fold design language really looks like the Motorola Razr. The Motorola Razr folds from the top to the button, that’s exactly how this Galaxy tab will do.

We also heard that it could be used as a mini laptop by resting its bottom half on a surface and using the upper portion as the main screen. This also means that the tablet can execute a lot of multitasking and will be most appealing to business related markets.

This vertical folding mechanism will make it portable and will fit in every pockets. Somebody can’t even notice you are carrying a whole tablet in your pocket.


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