The Vivo Nex 3 was Officially released in China yesterday and it is the first device from Vivo to spot a waterfall display, that is the Smartphone display was so curved to the extent that you can see some app’s icon while tilting the device.

The device was placed on GeekBench to check it’s performance and guess what? the device nearly hit a whooping 500,000 points! this made the Smartphone to brake a record, it passes Asus ROG Phone II which when placed on GeekBench scored 492,000 points and not only Asus ROG Phone II, it also passes the Xioami Black Shark II which has 469,000 points.

The Vivo Nex 3 is the most powerful Smartphone right now because it scored a whopping 497,858 points, the device is powered by Snapdragon 855+ Chipset and it is also the same Chip that is powering it’s competitors, but why did it surpassed them? hmm, there must be something inside that is pushing more than it’s competitors.

However, don’t expect this number to stay in first place for long. Qualcomm’s new processor is expected to come out later this year and incorporate almost every high-end smartphone next year. That is, it should not be long before the 500,000 points are reached.

AnTuTu Benchmark is a perfect application for comparing smartphone performance. Still, it is worth noting that a device is not measured with numbers. There are devices that are fantastic in their performance benchmark, but they fail greatly in their user experience. But this is not a problem for Vivo. Since their smartphones have a good user experience.



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