Exactly three days from today, that is on the 9th of February to be precise, Realme will announce its GT Neo 5, the world’s first smartphone to offer an ultrafast 240W battery charger. But that will just be the beginning. Aside from the GT Neo 5, Realme might still have another smartphone that will use these monster fast chargers in the works.

The box of the vanilla GT3 has just surfaced online, and it seems Realme will also attach its latest 240W charging technology to that model, as revealed by OnLeaks.

Realme GT3 might come with 240W charger as well; retail box suggests | DroidAfrica
Box of rumored Realme GT3

The use of the 240W fast charging technology on the GT3 would be a major improvement over its predecessor, the GT 2, which had a charging speed of 65W. It is expected that the GT3 will be available in 150W and 240W charging models, similar to the GT Neo5.

The 240W SuperVOOC charging solution uses a 240W dual GaN mini charging adapter, which offers the highest power density of 2.34W/CC in the industry. It utilizes a three-way 100W charge pump parallel design, a 20V 12A input, and a 10V 24A output, with a charging conversion efficiency of 98.5%.

Realme GT3 might come with 240W charger as well; retail box suggests | DroidAfrica
Upcoming Realme GT Neo 5

The effective health of the battery is said to be over 80% after 1,600 full charging cycles with realms 240W fast charging. More information about the realm GT3 smartphone is expected to be revealed in the coming weeks. However, we should know more about this new charging technology from realm, when the GT Neo 5 is revealed on Thursday this week.



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